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Your orthodontists Dr Rathenow, Dr Kuna and colleagues

Orthodontic treatment of children, adolescents and adults, CMD diagnostics and therapy
Bad Homburg

Louisenstr. 111
61348 Bad Homburg

Phone: 06172 - 23456
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Gartenstr. 2
61476 Kronberg

Phone: 06173 - 995 80 94

Am Marktplatz 1
65779 Kelkheim

Phone: 06195 - 674545
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Bad Nauheim

Luisenstr. 12
61231 Bad Nauheim

Phone: 06032 – 1212
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Our Practices and our Team

We are very proud of our team. All of us are specialists in orthodontics who are deeply dedicated to treat you or your children with our many years of experience, cheerfulness and empathy and make you feel comfortable in our practices. In our opinion, lifelong and continuous education for the benefit of our patients is a matter of course.

Everyone of us longs for a place where we are able to enjoy a perfect sense of well-being. In our modern and holistically designed practice rooms we try to create such a place for you.

We want you to feel comfortable in our practices.
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We are currently looking for new team members: a dental assistant or dental assistant trainee. We are seeking cheerful and committed employees who enjoy their work and treat our patients with courtesy

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Comprehensive Skills
and Individual Treatment

We offer you the complete range of modern orthodontics. Due to our continuous education we are able to adjust our work around the latest treatment methods and techniques. Our range of services includes the orthodontic treatment of syndromes like cleft lip and palate in cooperation with maxillofacial surgeons. Moreover, we offer early treatment, the correction of skeletal dysgnathic anomalies, CMD diagnostics and therapy, the orthodontic treatment of adolescents and last but not least, we provide adults with the esthetic correction of their tooth misalignments.
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Our team always strives to provide you with the best service in our practices. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible and enjoy your visits. You are the centre of attention of our daily work!
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You can take care of minor problems by yourself. Here, you’ll find some helpful advice. In case of severe pain or painful appliance problems you can call us:

Emergency hotline: 0171-3207878

Our practice: 06172 - 23456
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