Prior to the onset of orthodontic treatment, you will receive a detailed estimate. In many cases, health insurance companies take over our treatment completely or at least in part. We make every effort to give you all the support you will have in the paper work with your health insurance company. Due to appropriate justification and personal commitment, we achieve the highest possible level of subsidisation on the basis of your insurance relationship.

If there’s a lack of insurance coverage or a refusal to take over costs due to legal regulations, we offer you different payment models to choose from, so that it is (almost) possible to anyone, to get straight teeth, harmonic jaw conditions and pain-free jaw joints.

If you want to take out dental insurance and are unsure which one meets your individual needs, we recommend the Waizmanntabelle.
This gives you an objective overview of the various supplementary dental insurances and thus facilitates the decision process.

The 16 best children’s supplementary dental insurances from over 163 tested ones can be found at
Here you can find an overview of the detailed scope of supplementary dental insurances in the case of additional orthodontic costs for individual treatment options.