Emergency Call

Dental Accident

In the case of accidents which have affected the jaw and/or facial area your dentist, an oral surgeon, a specialist for endodontics (root canal treatments) or a specialist for maxillofacial surgery should take care of you, depending on the severity of the injury. If the teeth are loosened by the accident, they should not be loaded by masticatory forces. If a tooth is completely knocked out of the mouth, you should keep it moist (preferably in a tooth rescue box, in a saline solution, in the oral cavity – don’t swallow it – or in UHT milk) and take it immediately to your dentist. Generally, your dentist will clean the tooth and replace it. The successful tooth preservation depends decisively on the duration of its stay outside the oral cavity. Individual tooth parts should also be kept! They can be temporarily glued back to the traumatized tooth.

Service and Emergency Number

We have set up an emergency number exclusively for our patients. You can reach us by


Emergency Service in the Carolinum Frankfurt

University Hospital Frankfurt (ZZMK, House 29), 60590 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: 069-6301-5877