The way from the first consultation to braces

We aim at bringing our patients into a holistic equilibrium. This requires a thorough diagnosis regarding the entire human being. Within the framework of our comprehensive cooperation we ask for help from other specialists, if necessary.

Similar to an architect who needs a basic solid foundation for building a house, we need to supplement the patient’s examination findings with further diagnostic means and finally integrate them into a holistic individual treatment concept. In the following we describe the process of diagnostics and treatment in our practices in Bad Homburg, Kronberg and Kelkheim:

1. First Consultation (Approx. 20 – 30 Minutes)

We appreciate to meet you or your child in the conscientious initial consultation of our orthodontic practices. A comprehensive examination of the teeth and jaw is followed by first steps of diagnostics of the jaw joints. Then an assessment of the body’s statics is performed, since displacements in the jaw joint or the teeth can have a direct or indirect effect on the spine and the musculoskeletal system.

Together with you, we decide whether there is a need for orthodontic treatment and which further diagnostic steps are necessary.

2. Diagnostics (Approx. 60 Minutes)

During your stay we perform a thorough orthodontic inventory: the impression of the teeth and the jaws with precision casting compounds enables us, after model production, to assess the positioning of your teeth in the jaws. A low-radiation X-ray examination allows for statements on facial growth, profile progression and the incisors’ position. Furthermore, we examine if there are surplus teeth or aplasia, we look at the condition of the tooth holding apparatus (periodontium) as well as at anomalies of the tooth buds. Photographing the patient and his teeth makes the misalignment clear and documents the initial situation. Additional findings like those from the jaw joint examination, the investigation of your posture and your body statics, respiration or speech are taken into account by your orthodontist.

3. Individual Treatment Planning (Approx. 30 Minutes)

After a thorough evaluation of the findings, your orthodontist will provide you with the results during consultation. Due to our modern computer simulation software, we can explain the individual points of the diagnosis to you and provide you with therapy suggestions. We summarize the results in an exact treatment planning for each individual patient, which we record in a written comprehensible treatment schedule. After the orthodontic appliances are fitted the next steps of treatment will take place every four to eight weeks; in some cases also at intervals of several months.