Regarding our practice opening hours at the locations of Kelkheim, Kronberg and Bad Homburg we take into account that there are other things in the daily life of our adolescent or adult patients apart from their orthodontic or functional therapeutic treatment (e.g. school, job, taking care of small children …).

Monday and Wednesday
7.30 – 12.30 and 13.30 – 18.30

7.30 – 12.30 and 13.30 – 17:00

9:30 – 13:30 and 14:30 – 19:30

Even during school holidays.

Due to the sophisticated orthodontic treatment plan, which we explain to you in a detailed discussion at the beginning of your therapy, there will be alternating follow- ups taking more or less time. The time intervals between them will also vary over the course of the treatment period.

You are entitled to the fact that our orthodontic team takes time for you, answers your questions and explains the procedures. You do not want to spend more waiting time than absolutely necessary. We can understand that …, although we have made great efforts to design our waiting area!

In order to meet your requirements, we make every effort to find a suitable appointment together with you: according to our experience, the somewhat quieter times are in the morning hours. If you prefer this atmosphere and can set it up in time, we recommend our appointments in the morning. If you are professionally full-time bound please make an appointment in the evening hours. Parents of small children are also grateful to us for the extended opening hours in the evening, when the partner can take over taking care of the babies and toddlers. Despite G8 and orthodontic treatment the pupils will be able to make time for football, piano lessons or hip-hop.
Those who aren’t satisfied with our flexible opening hours are given the possibility to arrange an individual orthodontic appointment outside our office hours. Please contact us…

In order to maintain this sensitive appointment scheduling we need your help:

Please be on Time:

Your delay may cause an incomplete adjustment of your appliances or a lack of time to answer your questions.

Please be Fair:

If you can’t keep your scheduled appointment, cancel it as soon as possible! Thus, another patient with an urgent need of treatment can benefit from it.

For rescheduling or cancellation you can call Mrs. Bringas, Mrs. Demirok, Mrs. Fries or Mrs. Kempf on the telephone number 06172-23456.

Outside our Office Times your Message Reaches us

By fax: 06172-928331
By e-mail:
By SMS: 0171-3207878