Practice Dr. Rathenow and colleagues
Louisenstraße. 111
61348 Bad Homburg

FON: 06172-23456
Business Fax: 06172-928331


Dr. Lutz Rathenow
Specialist dentist for Orthodontics

Competent Chamber:
State Dental Medical Association Hessen
Rhonestr. 4, 60528 Frankfurt

Responsible Cash Dentistry association:
Medical Association of Hesse,
Lyonerstr. 21, 60528 Frankfurt, Germany

Job Title: Kiefer Orthodontist
(awarded in the Federal Republic of Germany)

Legal regulations:
-Occupational regulations of the State Dental Medical Association Hessen
-Medical professional law of the state of Hesse
The regulations can be found in the law sheet of the state of Hesse GVBI. I p. 66, 242

Economic identification number according to § 139c tax code: De there is no
Turnover tax 0335930341

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