With Invisalign® or InvisalignTeen® we can offer adults and adolescents an almost invisible and comfortable solution for correcting tooth and jaw misalignments. The aligners are extremely thin and very flexible – almost invisible –. They are regularly changed by the patient and are able to move the teeth by gentle pressure into the position previously determined within a computer simulation by our orthodontic team.

However, our orthodontists first examine whether the existing tooth misalignment can be successfully treated with this technique, or whether pre-treatment with other devices is necessary. Then we take a digital impression (intraoral scan) of the jaws. On this data basis we create digital three-dimensional models of your teeth and jaws which are an important element in the further treatment planning. Several hundred successfully treated adolescents and adult patients provide proof of our many years of experience. Even in “hopeless” cases we can often achieve an excellent result.

With the help of the special software ClinCheck® we are able to demonstrate our patients the tooth and jaw movements statically and dynamically on the monitor and even send a simulation to the smartphone. In this way, you can monitor your treatment progress whenever you like to.

Once the planning phase is completed, a set of matching aligners (transparent splints) is produced.

According to the instructions of our orthodontists, the almost invisible and comfortable aligners are used and worn daily for one to two weeks. For meals and cleaning, the aligners are taken out of the mouth for a short time, otherwise we recommend wearing around the clock to achieve a quick treatment success for you!

Every one to two weeks, the transparent aligners are exchanged by the patient, with each aligner moving their teeth a small step to the optimum position on the dental arch. Every 6 to 8 weeks you will receive your new aligners at our practices, so that continuous orthodontic monitoring of your Invisalign® therapy up to the final point is guaranteed.

You will be convinced of the result: immaculate tooth rows and a perfect bite which give you a “clearly“ amazing smile!

In our orthodontic practices in Kronberg, Kelkheim and Bad Homburg we will be happy to provide you with further information about Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen®.