CA® Clear Aligner

With Invisalign®, Orthocaps®, the HarmonieSchiene® and CA® Clear Aligner, we can offer adolescents and adults an almost invisible and comfortable solution for correcting their tooth and jaw misalignments.

CA® Clear Aligner has been specially developed for the treatment of adolescents and adults. These aligners consist of transparent, delicate films made of biocompatible plastics. They move your teeth step by step to the desired position on the dental arch by applying gentle pressure.

However, we have to analyze, whether your tooth misalignment can be treated successfully with CA® Clear Aligners. If necessary, our orthodontists will perform treatments based on other orthodontic techniques in advance.

Afterwards we take a digital impression of your jaws (with an intraoral scanner). Based on this data we create digital three-dimensional models of your teeth and jaws, which our orthodontists use for treatment planning. Several hundred successfully treated adolescents and adult patients provide proof of our many years of experience. Even in “hopeless” cases we can often achieve an excellent result.

The special computer software ClinCheck® enables us to simulate the tooth and jaw movements statically and dynamically on the screen. Furthermore, we can even send the simulation to your smartphone. This is the way you can monitor your individual treatment progress wherever you are.

The CA® Clear Aligner system works with three different material thicknesses worn during four weeks: With each treatment step, you receive three splints of different thicknesses to be worn subsequently. Due to the steady increase in pressure, your teeth are aligned smoothly and effecitively within the individual treatment phases.

The aligners can be removed at any time and easily cleaned. Our orthodontists recommend to wear them around the clock in order to achieve a quick and successful treatment result.

We will assess the treatment progress continuously as well as give you instructions for handling the aligners. As a matter of course, we will be happy to answer any questions you have about CA® Clear Aligner.

If you choose this treatment option, you will experience the gentle and comfortable way to a beautiful smile!

We are happy to provide you with further interesting information about this almost invisible treatment option in our orthodontic practices in Kronberg, Kelkheim and Bad Homburg.