Sleeping Medicine

Noisy breathing sounds can not only deprive the bed neighbors of the restful sleep, but may have a negative impact on the health of the snoring.

While sleeping, it is necessary to ensure that the airflow and with it the supply of vital oxygen must not be hindered. Here, however, due to the relaxation of the muscles tone and the dropping back of the tongue the airway is constricted. This hinders the airflow and leads to the unpleasant snoring noises. Moreover, it can cause obstructive sleep apnea with oxygen deficiency. Fatigue, exhaustion, concentration disturbances and other behavioural abnormalities are the result.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon affects not only adults, but also more and more often toddlers and adolescents, who can usually be cured from their sleep apnea by an accompanying orthodontic treatment.

In our orthodontic practices in Bad Homburg, Kronberg and Kelkheim, we work closely together with specialists in the field of sleep medicine and general medicine as well as ENT doctors. In consultation with these specialists, our orthodontic team decides whether a successful treatment with a dental protrusion appliance can be useful for your individual therapy.

These protrusion splints are produced after taking conventional or digital impressions of your jaws and manufacturing of plaster models based on these data. They are used for the protrusion of the lower jaw, which leaves the pharynx open at night and lets the air flow freely. The protrusion splints offer a high wearing comfort and restrict the oral cavity only slightly.

In this way you will have a quiet and restful sleep and wake up in the morning with renewed strength in order to meet your daily requirements.

As part of the follow-ups in our orthodontic practices in Bad Homburg, Kronberg and Kelkheim, we check the accuracy of fit and the condition of the splints regularly. Of course, we will react quickly and straightforwardly if problems arise.