Removable Appliances

According to our holistic treatment philosophy, we use removable appliances in our orthodontic practices in Kronberg, Kelkheim and Bad Homburg, which influence the facial growth of our young patients, control the width development of the jaws and also help to avoid impending tooth removal or even surgical interventions.

The removable braces consist of a plastic body, which can be provided with additional elements such as wire elements, expansion screws or metal springs and may be designed in colour according to the patient’s wishes. If they are not worn, they can be stowed safely in a storage box. For food and cleaning, you can take it out of your mouth for a moment. The loose braces can be easily cleaned with toothbrush and toothpaste.

Orthodontics differentiate between the active and passive effects of these appliances: while an expansion plate actively leads to the widening of the upper jaw, we use functional orthodontic devices such as the twinblock or bionator for passive control and promoting jaw growth.

In the course of treatment, we often combine the removable with fixed appliances. This depends on the respective findings, the cooperation of the patients and the underlying therapy plan. Our orthodontic team will be happy to explain the necessary steps to you.

Furthermore, we can make use of removable appliances during retention following the active orthodontic treatment at our locations in Kronberg, Bad Homburg and Kelkheim. In this case, they stabilize the result of orthodontic therapy and secure it in the long run.

In order to achieve a great treatment result with the help of the removable braces, the cooperation of our young patients is important besides our professional work: the removable appliances can only have their optimum effect if the maximum wearing time is achieved. We’re relying on you! If we all pull together, we can achieve the planned treatment goal without any problems.

During the treatment phase with removable appliances we meet regularly for the follow-ups in our orthodontic practices. On these occasions, our orthodontists examine how far the correction of the tooth and jaw misalignment has progressed, can quickly intervene if there are problems with the wearing of the braces and can, if necessary, adjust expansion screws or adapt wire bows.