Lingual Technique

The holistic individual treatment concept of our practices in Bad Homburg, Kronberg and Kelkheim includes a special form of multiband multibracket braces. This is a fixed brace that is “invisibly” attached to the inside of the teeth. In this context, orthodontists speak of the lingual technique (lingual = lat. tongue, referring to the tongue).

This appliance is particularly advantageous for patients who would like to improve the posititoning of their teeth, but are not willing to wear braces which are visible to other people. With the lingual braces we offer you and your children another possibility to optimize your tooth position, the facial aesthetics as well as the chewing function and your occlusion.

Our orthodontists make use of these specifically designed flat braces which are specially made to minimize the irritation of the soft tissues (tongue, cheek, etc.) as well as cause low speech impairments in the adaptation phase. Due to the elaborate individualized manufacturing process and the position on the inside of the teeth, this form of treatment is considerably more elaborate than with the attachment on the outside of the teeth or with the help of aligners. The mode of action of the lingual braces is comparable to that of the multibracket apparatus. They offer a high wearing comfort and a reliable function in the correction of misalignments. Since the appliances are attached to the inside of the teeth and thus, the outside of the teeth remains free, the gradual tooth correction can be observed very well.

After the insertion of the braces, regular follow-ups are carried out in our orthodontic practices in Kelkheim, Kronberg and Bad Homburg, in order to change the wires and monitor the treatment progress. Our aim is to achieve the pre-definded treatment result as quickly as possible. On the one hand, you can contact our orthodontists directly, if problems arise, on the other hand, we offer you important tips about the appliances under SOS.

Of course, the active treatment with lingual appliances also includes a holding phase. During this time the result of the tooth and jaw misalignment correction is stabilised and secured in the long run.