In addition to the almost invisible orthodontic therapy with Invisalign® and InvisalignTeen®, we offer our patients a comparable treatment technique with the Orthocaps® system. It’s a further convenient solution for correcting tooth misalignment in our orthodontic practices in Kronberg, Kelkheim and Bad Homburg.

The Orthocaps® twin aligner system consists of removable, transparent plastic trays that are individually adapted to your teeth. They allow a discreet and aesthetic correction of the teeth, which runs smoothly, but effectively. The Orthocaps® system works with day and night aligners. The dental trays consist of flexible and comfortable materials that only differ in strength (= hard and soft).

However, our orthodontists will first examine whether your tooth and/or jaw misalignment can be treated with Orthocaps®, or pre-treatment with other orthodontic devices is necessary. Then we use an oral scanner to take digital impressions of your jaws. Thanks to this innovative digital processing, we can dispense with the often unpleasant conventional jaw mouldings. On this data basis, three-dimensional models of your jaws are created, which serve as the fundament for further Orthocaps® therapy planning.

Due to a special 3D computer software we are able to simulate the course of treatment for you. Thus, it helps you to imagine each single phase of your treatment process.

Once the planning phase has been completed, the individual Orthocaps® aligners for the first treatment period are produced. It is particularly important that the aligners are not produced in advance of the whole treatment period. Instead, they are manufactured in steps, so that they harmoniously adapt to your teeth in the respective treatment phase.

Our orthodontists recommend that you should wear the aligners around the clock, while they can be removed from the mouth for cleaning or meals.

According to the treatment plan, the Orthocaps® tooth trays are regularly exchanged, whereby we ensure the monitoring of your therapy up to the final point.

You will be convinced of the result: bright teeth in an immaculate line for your healthy and perfect smile!

Our practice teams in Kronberg, Kelkheim and Bad Homburg are always happy to answer your questions about this almost invisible treatment option.