Skeletal Anchorage

Depending on the orthodontic issue in question, we perform the temporarilly limited skeletal anchorage in our orthodontic practices in Bad Homburg, Kronberg and Kelkheim.

As our orthodontists will explain to you, this is the targeted use of minipins/mini implants which are used in addition to the fixed braces.

The minipins are anchored in the jaw bone and are often referred to as “piercings”. After local anaesthesia, the insertion is carried out within a few minutes. Via a fastening element to the fixed appliance which forms a counter bearing to the tooth, the latter is moved in the precisely defined direction on the dental arch according to the treatment plan. These miniscrews can be used for closing a tooth gap, as well as in the uprightening or distalisation (moving backwards) of teeth. This is how we can often prevent tooth extraction.

As part of our regular follow-ups in our orthodontic practices in Kronberg, Bad Homburg and Kelkheim, the minipins are also checked alongside with the fixed appliances. Here we especially assess the oral hygiene in the area around the piercings in order to avoid an inflammation-induced loosening of the miniscrews. Our orthodontists monitor the treatment progress, change the elements of the fixed braces, if necessary, and are happy to help you whenever problems occur.

When the active orthodontic treatment is completed, both the fixed braces and the minipins are removed. In the following retention phase, removable and/or fixed devices are used for the long-term stabilisation of the aesthetically and functionally optimal result.