Fixed Appliances

In our orthodontic practices in Bad Homburg, Kronberg and Kelkheim, we mainly use fixed appliances for the correction of teeth and jaw misalignments in adolescents and adults. There is a wide range of different types of fixed devices available, from which we can select the appropriate brace depending on the orthodontic issue in question, in order to perform your treatment optimally and gently according to our holistic orthodontic concept.

The most common are the multibracket appliances, which are composed of brackets (small fixings on the teeth), elastic wire bows and metal rings around special molars. After careful professional tooth cleaning and the preparation of the enamel, the brackets are individually bond to the teeth – through them elastic wire bows (which are available in different strengths and alloys) are threaded.

Our orthodontists either make use of brackets with small (colourful) rubber ligatures, or innovative self-ligating devices. These have their own closure, which is used to hold the elastic wire bows. This reduces the friction on the wire bow, resulting in a faster tooth movement. They also facilitate oral hygiene and reduce the risk of mucous membrane irritation. Moreover, there are different bracket materials. Such as ceramic brackets which are less noticeable and adapt perfectly to the individual tooth shade. For hygienic reasons, we don’ t use transparent brackets of synthetic material because they tend to swell and therefore offer the best conditions for bacterial growth.

The group of fixed appliances also includes the so-called non-compliance apparatus, in which the tooth or jaw correction is carried out independently of the patient’s cooperation and thus, the treatment result can be reached very comfortably.

In this context, small minipins (we call them “piercings”) are used for temporary anchorage, in order to move teeth backwards to make room for other teeth (the equipment used is called Beneslider). Thus, in most cases, we can avoid removing permanent teeth. Furthermore, we are able to improve the “gummy smile“.

A special form of fixed appliances is the lingual technique (lingua, lat. = tongue), which is used as an invisible treatment option on the inner side of the teeth (lingual). In addition, fixed braces are also utilized during retention when stabilzing the teeth and jaws in their new position. Fixed retainers are usually thin metal wires that are invisible from the outside. They are fixed to the inside of the front teeth where they can remain for the whole of a person’s life.

Adults can also benefit from orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances: despite the completed physical growth, the optimization of facial esthetics and chewing function is possible. In addition to the treatment options for adolescents, our orthodontic team recommends a preprosthetic therapy before your dentist provides you with high-quality dentures or dental implants (artificial tooth roots which form the basis for dental crowns).

Teeth that are affected by inflammation of the tooth holding apparatus (gingivitis and periodontitis) can be stabilized in addition to the treatment of inflammation with the help of fixed appliances. Particularly complex jaw misalignments also require a combined orthodontic and surgical therapy in the context of an interdisciplinary cooperation with physiotherapists, surgeons and other specialists. Together with our network of specialists, we have been treating these misalignments for years at the highest quality level.

Once the fixed appliances have been inserted, regular check-ups are carried out in our orthodontic practices in Bad Homburg, Kronberg and Kelkheim. In this context we examine the progress of the treatment, change wires, rubber chains and other elements of the braces or provide support whenever a small or big braces mishap occurs.