In addition to Invisalign® and Orthocaps®, we can offer our adult patients the HamonieSchiene® – a further almost invisible and comfortable solution for correcting tooth misalignments in our orthodontic practices in Kronberg, Kelkheim and Bad Homburg.

The HarmonieSchiene® was developed by Orthos in Germany and is convenient for correcting tooth misalignments within the front teeth of our adult patients.

The transparent and flexible aligners which are made from biocompatible material make it possible to perform a discreet and gentle tooth correction.

At the beginning of orthodontic treatment, our orthodontists will examine whether your tooth and/or jaw misalignment can be successfully treated with the HarmonieSchiene® or other orthodontic techniques have to be performed in advance. In the following, we use an oral scanner to take digital impressions of your jaws. Thanks to this innovative digital processing, we can dispense with the often unpleasant conventional jaw mouldings. Based on the data obtained, three-dimensional models of your jaws are created, serving as the basis for planning the HarmonieSchiene® treatment.

Thanks to a special 3D computer software we are able to simulate the course of treatment for you. That helps you to better understand the different treatment steps.

On the basis of the 3D models a series of aligners is produced that you will use according to your treatment plan. The tooth trays are used in pairs, with the first pair being worn for three weeks, every other for two weeks.

Our orthodontists recommend that the aligners have to be worn 24 hours except for eating and brushing your teeth.

As a part of regular follow-ups we monitor the treatment progress and will be happy to advise you on upcoming questions.

Allow yourself to be convinced by the HarmonieSchiene®! Get ready for the excellent result: straight teeth and a cheerful and confident smile!

We are happy to provide you with further interesting information about this almost invisible treatment option in our orthodontic practices in Kronberg, Kelkheim and Bad Homburg.